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Cluster Analysis for Microsoft MapPoint


MPCluster is an add-in utility for Microsoft MapPoint that performs cluster analysis of user data. MPCluster provides a number of parameters to control the number and size of clusters. It also allows clusters to be drawn as centroid locations and/or boundary shapes.


MPCluster requires a PC running Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, or XP; and Microsoft MapPoint 2006 (or later). The Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0 (or later) is also required. Microsoft Excel (2003 or later) is required if you wish to export the resulting data to an Excel workbook.


This help file contains the following contact, license, and purchasing information:


Contacting Winwaed Software Technology LLC

License Agreement

Purchasing MPCluster

Revision History


Three examples are provided for first time users:


Example: Finding Clusters with MPCluster (uses MapPoint North America 2010)

Example: Finding Clusters of English Restaurants (uses MapPoint Europe 2006)

Example: Finding Clusters in Shaded Area Data (uses MapPoint North America 2010)


The following pages describe specific aspects of MPSuperShape's operation:


Overview of MPCluster Operations

Changing Clustering Behavior and Setting Options

Shaded Areas and Other Datasets

Applying Data Fields

Setting the Cluster Display Options

Exporting Clusters to Microsoft Excel

Estimating the Number of Clusters

Managing Clusters: Circles; Excel Export; Delete

Frequently Asked Questions