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MPCluster for Maptitude

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Revision History

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v2.4, Release Date: 12th March 2018


New Feature: Ability to label cluster boundaries

New Feature: Ability to draw circles around clusters at the requested maximum diameter or radius.

New Feature: Ability to use the same output label for Run Name, Layer Prefix, and Data View.



v2.3, Release Date: 10th March 2017


Bug Fix: Fixed theoretical problem (not seen in the wild) when calculating radii and diameters of hierarchical clusters.



v2.2, Release Date: 16th January 2017


Bug Fix: Latitude error in hierarchical clusters and determination of boundaries (problem introduced in v2.1).

Bug Fix: Dialog box sizing issues on some computer screens.

Bug Fix: Rare data view change GUI crash.

Bug Fix: Additional data field headers missing from the first cluster in the Excel output.



v2.1, Release Date: 3rd October 2016


Bug Fix: Incorrect coordinate transformations for the southern hemisphere resulting in mis-calculations and/or crashes.

Documentation: Added an Internet link to the Overlays page that explains them further.



v2.0, Release Date: 1st February 2016


New Basic and Professional License levels

New feature: Ability to add pre-defined "fixed" cluster positions to the K-Means Algorithm (Professional only)

New feature: Ability to calculate overlay data fields (Professional only)

New feature: Hierarchical boundary polygons are concave - reflecting the potentially concave nature of hierarchical clusters

Improvement: Input data layers are limited to only those in the current map

Improvement: "Reallocate empty clusters" removed for K-Means. This is now permanently enabled, as recommended since the MapPoint version.



v1.1, Release Date: 29th June 2015


New Feature: Support for external distance tables for the Hierarchical Algorithm with Median Centers.

New Feature: Support for Selection Sets

Improvement: "Allocate unused points to nearest cluster" implemented for the Hierarchical Algorithm

Improvement: Point Data View now includes a Distance (to the cluster's center) data column

Improvement: Significant improvements to the quality of the results produced by the Hierarchical Algorithm set to use Median Centers.

Bug fix: Improvements to the file handling of point data view



v1.0, Release Date: 1st March 2015


Initial version of MPCluster for Maptitude

K-Means Algorithm ported from MPCluster for MapPoint

New feature: Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm

New feature: Cluster allocations can be written directly to a data view