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Cluster Analysis for Caliper Maptitude®

MPCluster for Maptitude: Features

Sample clusters identified by MPCluster (click for full screen view)

MPCluster makes it possible to find clusters (natural groupings) in your Maptitude data. Although it is typically used with point layers, it can also be used with area layers (e.g. shaded area territories). Applications include market research, the determination of supply territories, and finding potential sales territories. Benefits also include the identification of 'hotspots' in your geospatial data — for example locations with anonymously high levels of incidents.

Features include:

  • Clusters can be marked with boundary layers and centroid layers.
  • Input data can be colored according to cluster allocations using a joined data view.
  • Choice of two clustering algorithms: K-Means and Hierarchical.
  • Ability to limit the maximum cluster radius.
  • Ability to set the minimum and/or maximum number of pushpins per cluster.
  • Ability to set the minimum distance between adjacent cluster centers.
  • Distances can be straight line ('great circle') or custom (e.g. driving distances or a custom cost function)
  • Ability to constrain cluster sizes using a dataset data field.
  • Ability to estimate the number of clusters present.
  • Ability to calculate overlay field values for each cluster, by summing and/or counting data fields in other layers.
  • Walk-through tutorial.
  • Multi-threaded for faster processing on modern computers.
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista are all supported.

Click here to download MPCluster. This is a free trial version that will last for 14 days, and must be registered if you wish to use it beyond this period. MPCluster licenses can be purchased online from US$100 each (Basic License) or US$140 each (Professional License). Other purchase options and volume discounts are also available.

Please use our contact form for MPCluster support.