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Guided Tour of MPCluster: Cluster Annotation Management

MPCluster offers a number of options for managing the cluster annotation produced by MPCluster.

MPCluster's Cluster Options

Cluster Management

The annotation management options are available on the Computed Cluster Management dialog box which is displayed by selecting the MPCluster: Manage Clusters... option on the Tools menu. This dialog box lets you delete cluster runs, export pushpins, and to draw circles.

This dialog box lets you select one or more cluster runs to operate on. These cluster runs may include older cluster runs which were loaded from an existing map file.

Deleting Cluster Annotation

With multiple cluster runs, the map can quickly fill with a complex display of successive cluster runs. Press the Delete button to quickly delete all annotation from rejected cluster runs.

Export to Microsoft® Excel®

It is possible to maually modify the boundary shape surrounding the clusters. This option can be used to export all pushpins contained in the modified boundary shapes. The results are similar to the Excel export options when the clusters are calculated. Because the shapes may have been modified to overlap, it is possible for pushpins to appear in multiple clusters.

Circle annotation

Cluster Circles

Although 'convex hull' boundary shapes are considered more accurate, circles can be more useful for some applications. This option can be used to automatically draw circles around all of the central pushpins of each cluster. The circle color(s) and circle radius can be defined.

The sample on the right shows 18 mile radius white circles that have been drawn over clusters which were defined with a maximum radius of 18 miles (green).

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