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Guided Tour of MPCluster: Writing the cluster data to Microsoft® Excel®

As well as drawing the cluster data, MPCluster can write the cluster information to a Microsoft Excel workbook.

Summary cluster listing

Summary of cluster sizes and positions

MPCluster's Excel output takes two forms. First, there's a Summary worksheet which lists each cluster, the coordinates of its central location, and the number of component data points.

Component pushpin listing

Individual pushpin listings for each cluster

Secondly, MPCluster lists the individual component data points for each cluster. These listings can be written in one large worksheet, or individual worksheets for each cluster (as in the example on the right). These listings include information on the parent cluster, name of the parent dataset, and all of the data point's data fields.

Controlling MPCluster's Excel output

MPCluster's Excel output is controlled by a check box and button in the Display Options box. These options allow you control how unallocated data points are written out, along with certain input data fields.

The cluster run parameters can also be written to their own Excel worksheet.

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