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Cluster Analysis for Caliper Maptitude®

MPCluster for Maptitude Versions

MPCluster is available as an add-in for Caliper Maptitude and Microsoft MapPoint. This page describes the different MPCluster for Maptitude licenses.

MPCluster for Maptitude has two licenses: Basic and Professional. The Basic license allows the computation of geospatial clusters using the K-Means or Hierarchical algorithms. The Professional license is intended to be an extended version for 'power' users. It allows the use of pre-defined 'fixed' cluster positions to be used, e.g. to use existing depots when finding he optimum locations of new depots. It can also calculate overlay data fields for each cluster, summing and/or counting data fields from other layers.

The following table summarizes the features supported by the latest Basic and Professional licenses:

 Feature  Basic  Professional 
K-Means Algorithm
Hierarchical Algorithm
Full set of cluster size constraints
Data field constraints and weights
Output to Excel (2003 and layer)
Output to Maptitude layers & data views
Support for an external distance table (Hierarchical only)
Pre-defined Fixed Clusters (K-Means only)
Calculate Maptitude Overlay Fields

Further details can be found in the MPCluster documentation.

The Basic License costs US$100 / license, and the Professional License costs US$140 / license. Both can be purchased from our purchase page. The Basic license can be upgraded to the Professional License.